Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan

Design and assemble Electric circles

Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan (EPS) Company (Private joint stock established in area of 5000 square meters in second industrial zone in Ardebil province in 2008. The company constructions several departments such as CLEAN ROOM, AST enterprises to installation of automatic machines, assemblies of THT and SMT electronic boards. The production of electronic components and specific automotive parts is two our major by means of engineers and experts. Also, we have reached to self-sufficiency in the production of unique electronic components in the automotive industry and supplying advanced unique components to our customers with the best quality products. certifications of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 from Italian company (IMQ) has obtained due to control of manufactured items quality for markets and customers keeping, as well as the company attracts and cooperates with provincial and national elites in R & D.

Quality policy
1- Research and development and maintenance of the markets and customers
2- obtain customer satisfaction
3- promotion of technical and cultural knowledge of staff by means of sustain training
4- Increase employee participation and the quality development
5- improvement of all activities and processes of the quality management system continuously
6- Moving towards minimal waste.

Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan co ,leading to self-sufficiency
1- programming all micro controllers up to a 32bit for NEC-NXP-Atmel–Sree scale, and Texas Instrument microprocessors
2- Design and implement arrange of 1 to 16 layer depends on design standards IPC/PCB
3- Design and Manufacture of switching power supplies, high power 91to50kw0
4- The ability, to reverse engineering Muller boards for industrial military and …
5- Design of mul contact relay with high inrush currents and high operating temperatures
6- Design and implementation of networks LIN (Lin-L and Lin-H) can, Mod bus, pro virus
7- Design of detecting obstacles by acoustic sensor wave obstacle detection system for cars)
8- Design and implementation of so ware drivers for high power DC motors and asynchronous
9- Industrial and military tester designed for specific application
10- Design for fire alarm systems with the number of nodes required
11- BCU is designed for special occasions
12- The ability to obtain magnet fields up to 3 Tesla and 1.5 Tesla ability to build a variable magnet field
13- Design and construction of single and three phase electricity meters and gas meters digitally digital
14- Design and implementation of a variety of electronic application industry, household appliances medical, communication, safety and security of so ware and hardware

- Measuring dimensions of parts with the ability to view and taking photos of the surface
- Magnification Pieces up to 280 mes to suit the map of piece
- Measuring voltage drop of connections, leakage currents and electrical resistance
- Free fall test
- Salt spray test
- Vibration test
- Thermal shock testing
- Testing lamps durability, inductive, motoring types of electromagnet relays
- Testing intensity and color range of LED lamps
- Testing and Measuring arc of magnets
- Functional testing of production parts

Design and assembly of SMD and DIP electronic boards, Software, Hardware, Automotive, Home Appliances
Medical Equipment
Manufacturing of electronic testing devices and control boards
Design, assembly and testing of electronic boards
Laboratory services for the electronics industry
Design and construction of single and three phase electricity meters, gas meters, digital cameras and
home appliances industry to design and implement a variety of electronic applications , medical ,
communications , safety and security of software and hardware

EPS Team

Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan (EPS) did its best on tracking and gathering the great people together. here we have more than 50 experts in various fields such as electronic, Mechanic, Power and so on. we always are happy of joining together to do our best and go ahead day to day.

EPS Laboratory and quality control

The main cause of the establishment of a quality management system in the company is ability to
accordance with customer requirements and to promote customer satisfaction
Constitution is based on the standard ISO / TS 16949: 2009, IPC-A-610 Ref F class lll and ISO 9001: 2008
has been prepared by organizational structure, responsibilities and requirements of the quality system.
All employee is high educated and skilled based on occupational standards form (F-093) were selected in
according to suitability qualifications that are needed.
All parts, raw materials and semi- manufactured, as well as tools when entering the company be controlled
by department of quality control
All equipment and tools in accordance with its own instructions fairly be controlled and maintenance
All of products be inspected by QC stuff before packing
Identification and tracking of products accomplish with process of detection in every steps of production

EPS under license of Prins

3rd largest manufacturer of SI LPG and CNG systems in the world

Subsidiary of SHV, world leader in the distribu􀆟on of LPG (“Super Gas”, “Primagaz”, “Ipragaz” )

Export to over 50 countries. Customers include OEMs, Country Importers and Distributors

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