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Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan

Design and assemble Electronic circuit boards

Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan (EPS) Company (Private joint stock established in area of 5000 square meters in second industrial zone in Ardebil province in 2008. The company construcons several departments such as CLEAN ROOM, AST enterprises to installaon of automac machines, assemblies of THT and SMT electronic boards. The producon of electronic components and specific automove parts is two our major by means of engineers and experts. Also, we have reached to self-sufficiency in the producon of unique electronic components in the automove industry and supplying advanced unique components to our customers with the best quality products. cerficaons of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 from Italian company (IMQ) has obtained due to control of manufactured items quality for markets and customers keeping, as well as the company aracts and cooperates with provincial and naonal elites in R & D.
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bookmark_border The ability to obtain magnec fields up to 3 Tesla and 1.5 Tesla

bookmark_border Design and implement arrange of 1 to 16 layer depends on design standards IPC/PCB

bookmark_border Design and Manufacture of switching power supplies, high power 91to50kw0

bookmark_border The ability, to reverse engineering mullayer boards for industrial military and …

bookmark_border Design of mul contact relay with high inrush currents and high operang temperatures

bookmark_border Design and implementaon of networks LIN (Lin-L and Lin-H) can, Modbus, provirus

bookmark_border Design of detecng obstacles by acousc sensorwave obstacle detecon system for cars)

bookmark_border Industrial and military tester designed for specific applicaons

For us as a company with about 30 years of automotive production background, using high quality parts is a major principle. For this , EPS greatly supports our needs and because of our new products, they decided to expand their production lines . we appreciate this and hope EPS always do the best as they do .
Koroush Zende delan - Irco technical manager format_quote
EPS is one of the best partners that I've been working with in my career . They pay a lot to quality and this is our first goal too. Proudly can say EPS is our great partner in the middle east.
john Doe - Prins international marketing manager format_quote


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