Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan

Design and assemble Electric circles

Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan industrial group was founded in 2011 by private sector; best equipment and machinery in the area of 7000 Square meters was utilized to operate its facilities. The following trademarks are subset of this industrial group:
EPS, Sabalan Noor, and Sabalan Light that are engaged in the production of automotive electronic parts, lighting industry, homeware electronics, LED lights, and printed circuit boards of medical and telecommunication equipment.
Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan Company is employed Iranian experts’ technical knowledge, while focusing on its Research and Development department and benefits from the valuable experience of its design and production team to localize and produce various electronic products especially decorative building lights and automotive electronic parts. With the efforts of the management team, the company's engineers, and its staff, this company is proud to produce new products with the best quality that can compete with world-renowned brands.
Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan has planned its vision of progress in the localization of modern technologies and a strong presence in the market of automotive electronics and accessories, home appliances, and lighting industries. Over the past 10 years, the company has been able to provide the necessary software and hardware infrastructure to achieve these goals. The establishment and running SMD and THT boards’ assembly line, polymer parts’ production line (plastic injection), pressed metal parts production line, tin and nickel plating line, and other assembly lines (for various parts and lighting fixtures) are some of companies achievements. Also, Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan Company has invested in the laboratory and the quality control unit. Additionally, it purchased modern equipment in order to improve the quality of company's products. As a result, the company has acquired numerous international standard certificates (including ISO/TS/16949, ISO/900:/2015, IATF16949:2016, ISO/IEC17025:2017 ), research and development licenses from the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade, and other production and industrial knowledge-based certificates.

EPS Team

Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan (EPS) did its best on tracking and gathering the great people together. here we have more than 50 experts in various fields such as electronic, Mechanic, Power and so on. we always are happy of joining together to do our best and go ahead day to day.

EPS Laboratory and quality control

The main cause of the establishment of a quality management system in the company is ability to
accordance with customer requirements and to promote customer satisfaction
Constitution is based on the standard ISO / TS 16949: 2009, IPC-A-610 Ref F class lll and ISO 9001: 2008
has been prepared by organizational structure, responsibilities and requirements of the quality system.
All employee is high educated and skilled based on occupational standards form (F-093) were selected in
according to suitability qualifications that are needed.
All parts, raw materials and semi- manufactured, as well as tools when entering the company be controlled
by department of quality control
All equipment and tools in accordance with its own instructions fairly be controlled and maintenance
All of products be inspected by QC stuff before packing
Identification and tracking of products accomplish with process of detection in every steps of production

EPS under license of Prins

3rd largest manufacturer of SI LPG and CNG systems in the world

Subsidiary of SHV, world leader in the distribu􀆟on of LPG (“Super Gas”, “Primagaz”, “Ipragaz” )

Export to over 50 countries. Customers include OEMs, Country Importers and Distributors

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